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Access an every-growing library of amazing, in-depth courses including hours of step-by-step instructions, drawing- and digitizing-focused projects, and much more. 

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Watch on any device, any time at your convenience. Resume exactly where you left off. No limits on the number of times you can view video lessons. Pause as needed and follow along on your paper, tablet, laptop, or computer.

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Draw More! 

Offering many prompts, outlines, guides, tips and tricks, Quilty Quill will help you hone your drawing skills while maintaining your own artistic style.

Digitize More!

Move from paper, digital art, and doodles to the world of vector-based digitized files which are perfect for quilting systems, cutting machines, woodworking, engraving and more!

Quilt More!

Start Free-Motion Quilting using these easy-to-follow courses. Start with practice pages and work up to bigger designs. You can do it!

Every journey begins with a single step.

We offer a variety of creative resources for drawing, digitizing artwork, and quilting.

Try all these areas or only the courses that interest you!

 "Each class is packed with a wealth of information and the tools you need to master Pro-Stitcher Designer. Pro-Stitcher Designer is not an incredibly intuitive program, and Jen breaks it down in simple easy steps so you're using the program like a pro in no time."

Emily Judkins
Professional Digital Designer

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Learn PS Designer from the beginning.

Free to dip into Jen's instruction and drawing style.

Try a few free drawing classes.

Free to dip into Jen's instruction and drawing style.

Start Drawing! 

New artists and seasoned doodlers unite! Quilty Quill offers methods for practicing and developing your artistic style. No prior experience is necessary.

Start Digitizing!

Quilty Quill will work primarily in the vector-based digitizing software PS Designer. Join us as we learn the program and create unique, personalized graphics.

Start Quilting! 

Quilty Quill has it's roots in all aspects of quilting. We'll share free-motion quilting tips and techniques for domestic home sewing machines and longarm systems.

Start Making!

Whether you are here to make many mandala artwork designs, create scalable vector graphics for cutting/engraving systems, or apply your chosen lessons to quilting, we are certain you'll use to start making something great.

 "Watching Jen draw designs and put them together is like watching poetry in action! She is a wonderful artist and designer and you will learn a LOT from her classes.

Kaye Collins
Oh Kaye Quilting

 "I always draw, but I've never considered using templates to create a structured design. Jen walks ya through that process and learning that trick was cool.

Lauren Czaja
Research Scientist

 "I was blown away with how shading from light to dark on the Mandala made such a giant effect on the over all picture. I am not a person who draws, but Jen showed me how I can start doodling with purpose. Thanks Jen, great lesson.

Karen Morello
Retired & Relaxing

Drawing Classes

 Download the pdf provided in the class and something with which to draw, and you're all set!

Digital Design Classes

Quilty Quill classes that will teach you how to take your drawn artwork to a vector-based file.

We'll be working in PS Designer software. Grab a demo or paid version at

Free-Motion Quilting Classes

Join us as we explore free-motion quilting on a home sewing machine or longarm system. Use methods from Jen's book, Free-Motion Framework.

Meet the Instructor

Jen is the founder of Quilty Quill and first instructor on the website.

She invented the Seamingly Accurate Seam Guide,  is the author of 5 quilt books, and is published in numerous magazines with her brand ReannaLily Designs.  
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Jen worked for Nancy Zieman Productions until 2017 and moved to Handi Quilter/Pro-Stitcher shortly thereafter.

While working with Pro-Stitcher Jen became quite proficient at drawing and digitizing artwork for the computerized longarm environment. She has thousands of designs available for sale on the Pro-Stitcher website.

Join any number of classes at the Quilt Quill to start your drawing and digitizing journey.

While teaching Free-Motion Quilting and Digitizing, Quilty Quill's founder, Jen, noticed that many students replied with "I just don't draw." and "I wish there were more resources for learning how to digitize."

As luck would have it, Jen's college degree is literally in sewing and drawing.

Join us at Quilty Quill as we break down the processes and give you the tools, resources, and methods to be a confident artist, designer, and maker.

Teach at the Quilty Quill

Love all things drawing, digitizing, learning, and creating? Have a topic or area of expertise? Email Jen today to see what options are available to be a paid instructor on the Quilty Quill.

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Live Events

The Quilty Quill has TWO options for Live events, both will be available later in 2024.

1 - Join a live event online hosted by Jen! The topic will be posted on the live event invites.

2 - Hire Jen to teach at your quilt shop, personal design studio, classroom, or guild.